What I learned in Boating School is…


So the title makes no sense right? I know. The topic of our blog made me think of Spongebob when I first read it (: On a serious note though, I took a lot from this class…

Being in college for four years, about to graduate, really made me start to question if Journalism is what I really wanted to do. I started asking myself all kinds of questions. Is this really what I want to do? Why did I choose this major in the first place? Do I even love it still? If it wasn’t for this class, I don’t think I would’ve remembered  why I started.

I’ve taken all kinds of different Journalism classes and by senior year, you can definitely say I’m burnt out. My constant overthinking of my degree plan as I geared towards the end has really been heavy on my mind.

This class brought me back to the first time I found my love for writing. I was 13 years old when my best friend and my dad passed away. At the time, we still took the TAKS test in school, so there was always that writing portion of the test. Their was a topic that said to write about someone you look up to, who inspires you to be the person you are. I would always write whatever just enough to get an A+.


After losing my best friend, I found writing as a way of feeling better. i loved being able to write my experience of losing my dad and watching his slowly die in the process. I would give it all back if I could, but I turned my negative experience into a way of connecting with people on the page.

I enjoyed this class because unlike the other classes, it has given me a chance to express myself through writing. I love being able to cover important topics and still express myself through them. This class made me realize as I start looking for jobs, that maybe I don’t want to be a Journalism sports’ reporter anymore. I think I want to be a fourth grade English teacher and teach kids how to express themselves through their writing.

I learned a lot in this class and had a lot of fun through it all. Maybe as time goes on, I’ll teach older kids a class such as this one, to remind them how writing can be so much more than just words on a page.

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Take me back to Mexico!!!


Take a minute and think about what it would be like, if you haven’t already, to visit Mexico?!

I’m not talking just Mexico; I’m talking Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen! I went last summer and it was probably one of the best places I’ve ever visited. People go to Destin, Florida and think they have the prettiest beaches, but you haven’t seen nothing till you go to Mexico.

The beaches are absolutely beautiful. I’ve always heard of breathtaking instances until I went to Mexico. It’s insane how clean and soft the beaches are. Out of all three, I think my favorite would have to have been Playa del Carmen.

I stayed in a condo on the beach. I didn’t even need a car because everything was in walking distance. One way was the beach, the other was the shops, and another was restaurants and bars.


I went snorkeling and saw all kinds of fish while riding on top of a party boat. I went to a club called Coco Bongo, like off the movie the Mask, and had a blast. It was $50 to get in, but all drinks were free and they had re-enactment scenes from Batman and the group Queen.

I am actually planning to go back as a graduation present to me in December this year and spend more time there!

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Do what you love. Love what you do.


Growing up, I loved anything and everything that had to do with beauty stuff, such as makeup and hair. As I mentioned in my previous post, I love to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube on my downtime, whether it’s before bed or during a break at work.

When I was little, I used to get upset at my siblings or parents and I’d lock myself in my room until I wasn’t mad anymore. I tried reading books and listening to music, but nothing soothed me quite like hair and makeup.

I would be in my room and learn new hairdo’s until I did one correctly on my hair. The moment I was finished, I would run out to my parents and show them my new hair style. Learning hair styles not only calmed me after an argument, but ended up being a great hobby of mine.

In high school, I decided to take Cosmetology and now I’ve been cutting hair for five years. I love everything there is about hair. You get to show people new ways to express themselves and make people feel good again.

I mainly do men’s hair now, but I still YouTube hairstyles for my own good. How lucky am I to have turned such a cool hobby into one of my professions in life.

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Material Girl in a Material World


I always dread when people ask me what my hobbies are because I never know what to say. I cut hair for a living and absolutely love it, but it’s definitely not my hobby.

This may sound weird, but one of the things I like to do as a hobby is to watch YouTube videos or any tutorials on the web about makeup. Might sound lame, but I love learning new techniques to contour and look thebomb.com.

As a girl, there’s soooooo many ways to fix yourself up so why be plain and boring?! Try that new winged eye liner or dark lipstick that you never imagined you could pull off! There are so many tutorials on it so if you can’t follow the first tutorial you come across, there will be a million easier ways.

Another hobby (or at least I think is a hobby… maybe more of a hoarder) that I like to do is buy makeup. Not even just makeup, but anything that has to do with beauty. Whether it’s foundation, face wash, hair masks, or nail polish, I HAVEEEEE to buy the newest on the market. Even if it ends up being a total dud, at least I can say I tried it. Who knows… I may actually find something that could change my life!

I work a lot as a hairstylist and go to school full time with 5 classes so my daily schedule is usually pretty chaotic, but I try to find time every night for my “hobbies.” How lucky am I to be able to lay down and browse the internet for anything beauty related?!

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Ready… Set… Hut!!!


How cool would it be if UTA had a football team?! I am 100% with the idea of the new addition and here’s why…

UTA is a fairly good sized school with great students and staff. If UTA had a football team, maybe even more students would attend and the university would just get bigger and bigger. Also, students from local high schools would love to attend a university near home while playing football.

Secondly, it’s FOOTBALL! Hellooooo! Football is seriously one of the biggest sports that’s loved around the world. A school without football is so strange. Imagine all the possibilities UTA would have if they included football. There would probably be a lot more notice from other schools because they would be in the public eye.

We would play against surrounding school, getting our football team in the public eye. If UTA would have a football team, ESPN would probably give us more coverage and we would be a big deal.

We would be the Mavs! Our jerseys would look so cool because we have pretty amazing school colors, so you could definitely get creative with it. We would even have a pretty nice size stadium as well in a roomy area since it is Arlington. I’m sure we would find the perfect place to fit it!

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Priorities of Arlington


Coming from such a small town, my views on improvement for a town are so much different.

I  grew up in a little town called Joshua which consisted of one high school with a graduating class of barely 200 and maybe five places to eat at in town. If you wanted to eat at a restaurant, even a simple one like Chili’s, you had to drive one town over to do that.

Growing up in Joshua, caused me to have a simple outlook in life. As you can imagine, coming to the big city of Arlington was completely different to me. I can actually pick up food at a restaurant and take it to my boyfriend’s house to eat it and it will still be warm! It’s completely mind blowing to me how I can do that now.

With that being said, I don’t find any problems with Arlington really. It’s got it all. Amazing restaurants. Bars and clubs. My university. And of course, so much more. If I had to find something that Arlington should improve on and make a priority is this…

I HATE THE TRAFFIC!!! I came from simple backroads where the speed limit was 35-50 mph, but there was really no traffic so you could drive faster and get where you need to with no stress.

When it comes to Arlington, Cooper St. is the worst to drive on, along with many others. If Arlington could maybe make more lanes on Cooper or even less stop lights, maybe traffic would decrease. I know they are working on the construction of a lot of Arlington roads, but the bumps are horrible.

Every city you encounter is going to have it’s faults, but it’s nothing anyone can’t handle. Arlington has come a long way from where it was so fixing the roads and reducing traffic would help.

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So why am I not voting?!

This time, every four years, all you ever hear people talk about is the presidential election and the candidates. Maybe I’m ignorant for not following or really caring about the election, but I have always been like that and I never vote. I know. I know. It’s dumb not to vote after everything we’ve gone through to get the right to, but it’s never been something I cared for.

Go to Starbucks or turn the TV to Fox 4 News at 9 and all you will hear is things going on with the election. People everywhere are saying, “Oh my gosh! Donald Trump is so racist! He better not win,” or “Hilary Clinton is a woman who doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Or even better, “Bernie Sanders doesn’t look like he has much longer to live at this rate. Look at him!”

I’ve come to this conclusion of why I don’t vote so here it is……

Number 1: I’ve never been big into politics so I don’t follow the race and don’t care to vote.

Number 2: I don’t really believe anything the candidates promise and I don’t think my vote makes a difference anyways.

And lastly: I honestly never remember to register in time so I miss the deadline and can’t vote anyways. )):

By not voting, I live with the whole “you can’t complain about our president if you didn’t vote.” I’m okay with that and I do hope those of you really involved in politics analyze the candidates and pick someone who will improve our future. While your at it, go ahead and put in a good vote for me.

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Voting 2016

2014-03-18-ElectionQuote2-thumb (2)

I’ve never been too much into the presidential campaign or anything political really. I’ve always been more of a sports lover of entertainment news type of person. It wasn’t until this year that I realized how important it is for us to vote, whether you’re a college student of not.

A lot of us have complained about President Obama taking our country down hill fast and getting mad at the Obama lover’, but the real question is, Did you vote? We can’t complain about the way other people vote and what they stand for if we don’t register and vote. We lived in a time where we had no right to vote unless you met certain requirements. So many people fought for us to have this privilege and yet, most of us to do nothing with it.

Most people who vote are older adults, concerned about health care and not about student loan rate or admission policies. We, as college students, should vote for whoever we feel will cover all ground in our department.

Whether you’re voting for Donald Trump, who has no filter and will go after what he believes, or Bernie Sanders, who is trying to make college a better experience, just vote. You never know how much of a difference it could make.

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Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


Holy cow! What the freak! Son of a nutcracker?!

While this may sound funny to most people, it sounds perfectly normal to me. I always thought when people used cuss words that it was used for a word filler and sounded raunchy which is why I believe that cuss words are bad.

I know. I know. It’s the 21st century and I’m over here believing that cuss words are bad even though everywhere you go, you’re bound to hear at least 20 different cuss words. And to top it off, I’m 23-years-old and refuse to cuss. While that may sound odd, I actually get a lot of crap because  I just won’t cuss.

I work at a men’s haircutting salon and all of the girls there are always trying to get me to cuss. You know when you have a baby who’s barely one-years-old and you’re trying to teach them to talk so you say things like, “Say mama” or “Say dada?” That’s exactly my situation at work except I’m the baby and they’re trying to get me say way worse words than “mama” and “dada.”

Woman w/surprised look

Maybe I am crazy for not giving in to their peer pressure, but it’s just the way I was raised. My parents were pretty strict on me growing up. They weren’t religiously strict, but they held the reins pretty tight when it came to manners. I never heard either one of my parents cuss growing up. They probably weren’t no angels away from home, but around us, they taught us that it was bad. My parents’ used to tell me that if you didn’t cuss, then arguments with your significant other wouldn’t be as bad. I never really believed it until I met my boyfriend.

My boyfriend seriously cusses like a sailor and I still love him to death. We’ll be super upset about something and in the heat of the moment, arguing with him, I’ll yell, “You’re being mean to me! Stop being a jerk!” Our argument then turns into laughter because he says, “Did you just call me a jerk?” and it completely kills our argument.

So yes, I may be an odd ball for being one of the few adults on this Earth who don’t cuss, but I’m okay with that. That’s not to say that I think poorly of people who do because some people may use it a stress reliever. I just feel like if you don’t cuss at all, then you won’t ever have to worry about it slipping during a business meeting or a first dinner date, meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s parents. Plus, arguments are a lot more bearable in my opinion.

In reality, cussing is a part of our society that we can’t run away from, but we can at least work on our profanity by checking our surroundings before firing away. While not cursing may have gone out of style, being considerate hasn’t. Just like Janice Ian said…


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“Everything happens for a reason.”


At some point in your life, you’ll find yourself going through a life changing event and ask, “Why did this happen to me?” Although we don’t know why certain things happened to us, everything happens for a reason.
I grew up out in the country in a town called Joshua, Texas. I had that picture perfect family everyone dreamed of. Three older siblings. A nice house. A good education. Ultimately, two perfect parents who were truly in love with each other.
Fast forward 10 years later to spring 2005. My dad had been feeling bad for several months now. After contemplating whether or not he should go to the doctor, my dad decided to go. I remember sitting in the hospital room thinking that he probably had a virus or something until my parents walked out of the doctor’s office, pale faced and all. The moment my parents told me, my whole life fell apart. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and it was so far along that it was slowly spreading into his blood. My mind went crazy at that moment, wondering what was going to happen to our family.
April 2, 2006 at 4:11 a.m., my father passed away in his sleep. I remember for the longest time thinking, “He’ll be home any minute now.” Months went by and that little 13-year-old me still believed that one day, he would come back. The whole thing just felt like a nightmare that I couldn’t escape. As time went on, I lost hope and started grieving. I kept asking myself, “Why did this have to happen to my dad and our family?” My dad was such a good, hardworking man who always made sure everyone was okay; even random strangers.
I’m 23-years-old now and every now and then, I still wonder about that day. Truth is, everything really does happen for a reason. Unfortunately, you won’t ever find the answer to everything. After that day, I started to believe that what’s meant to be will be and nothing you can do will change that. You can either roll with the punches or you can lie down and let it run over you. The choice is yours.

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